Thursday, March 28, 2013

★N1 Non-Default Eye Replacement

It's school break this week :D
That means I've made a CC for Sims 3 !! 

This is my first Eye Contact Lenses ;)
Now I know why many creators hate the others copying their creations,
It takes hours or maybe DAYS to make one CC! θ︿θ

Here's the Iris that i drew:

In TSR Workshop:

( I know its kinda dark-coloured )

find it under the Costume Makeup category

NO recolourable channels :(
Sorry !! ><

I hope you will like my first try :D
I will be using this eye lenses for my next Sim :*

Bye and THANKS! ^^

♦ Double-click .sims3pack file to install :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

♥♥ Valentine's Day Pictures ♥♥

Hello Simmers!! :D
I'm back nowadays, cause it's Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day x))
I just made 3 pictures for Valentine's Day.
I didn't create CNY things coz I'm still a CC beginner creator =v="
Here there are:

(P.S. Frames were new meshes.. created by myself!)
(P.S. saw the '♥' sign below the frame?)

Well, I KNOW it's not perfect but I made it for you guys as a Valentine's Day Special Present :')
Please LOVE them and treat them GOOD! xD
I hope that you will use them.. Please Credits my blog if you used them!! 

Okayys.. Baii :D

♦ Double-click .sims3pack file to install :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 is coming~!

I've changed my blog button because there are several reasons:
Its a new year
My button was not accepted
I'm not happy with it xD

So here's the brand new button :D

(small coz its button)

Coded on the right hand side of my blog! 
Feel free to copy the code and paste it to your site!

Another thing, I will not be very active next year (2013).
Because I have to study and I come back home late.
So, if I have time to online / Sim-ing,
I WILL upload some creations :)

That's all, Bye and happy simming!

Monday, December 24, 2012

•○• Carol Christmas ○•○

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Simmers !! :D
Today's Christmas Eve, and guess what?
Christmas Eve present is HERE!!!! :'D
But don't open it till Christmas!! :p

♦ CC used:
Skin: Orange-Sim
Hair: Skysims
Eyebrows: PralineSims
Eyeshadow: ??
Eyeliner: Gosik
Blush: S-club
Lipstick: PralineSims
Eyes: PralineSims
Clothes: YS3, IN3S, EA, LianaSims3, JS Sims, Orange-Sim
Shoes: MS3B, Hazel, EA
Accessories: YS3, Lemonleaf, Natalis, PralineSims, RoseSims2, OBP




Expansion pack(s) needed:

10 CAS Sliders by jonha
Download Slider HERE

UpperLip ThinLower Complete Slider by YS3 Studio
Download Slider HERE

♦ Double-click .sims3pack file to install :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas Blog Button

Yayy~!! My Christmas Blog Button is finally posted!! xD
Feel free to copy the HTML code at my blog's right sidebar and paste it to your website / blog.
Here's da picha ;)

(small coz it's BUTTON)

Oh yeah, and I've joined CStyles Sims 3 :)
That was the best site with friendly moderators and members!
Started to fall in LOVE with the site ;P
Username: YingHern Creations 

That's all for the post :p
Will post up next Sim as a Christmas Present 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stone Drop Simple Earrings

Wheww~ Just finished a pair of VERY SIMPLE EARRINGS!!
And it took away my precious 1 hour :'(
Lolll.. It's ok! :')

This is a new mesh made by myself ;)
Made with Autodesk 3Ds Max & TSR Workshop
So, here it is!!

small image huh? sowwy :<

Expansion pack(s) needed:
Base game

♦ Double-click .sims3pack file to install :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Photoshoot Starter House

Rise & Shine, happy simmers~ :D
Today I'm gonna upload my first ever starter house !!
CC Used ;o

Here's some screenies ;)

Detailed Screenies ;D

Expansion pack(s) needed:
Seasons, Showtime, Pets

If the above expansion packs are not included, some of the furniture / electronics won't appear in the house !!

♦ Double-click .sims3pack file to install :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sammy Modeli

Promise is a promise :)
Here's Sammy, one of my cute model. x)

Traits: Friendly, Good, Neat, Hopeless Romantic, Loves the Outdoors
Favorites: Food: Grilled Salmon
Music: R& B
Color: Black
Lifetime Wish: Vocal Legend (Sims 3 Showtime)

 (Click photos to ZOOM IN)

CC Used 
•Skin: PralineSims
•Eyes: S-club Privee
•Hair: RoseSims2
•Makeup: S-club Privee
•Clothes: YS3 Studio, JS Sims, Orange-Sim
•Accessories: RoseSims2, YS3 Studio, Psycho, Sims 3 Showtime and Seasons

Poses by TumTum Simolino, D3N1ZFTW

Expansion pack(s) needed:
Seasons, Showtime, Pets

If the above expansion packs are not included, some of the clothes / accessories wont appear on the sim !! 

Hat slider by #aWT
Download Slider HERE

10 CAS Sliders by jonha
Download Slider HERE

Double-click .sims3pack file to install :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cute Anime Pose Pack

Hello again simmerss! xD
I've created my 1st pose pack. 
Pose pack included pose list :)

Thanks to the CC creators for the CCs used by this model, Sammy Modeli.
(Sammy will be uploaded for download :D)

Here are some screenshots for the 7 cute poses (>w<)
Oh yeah, and sorry for blurryy :<








Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Liana Morgan

Hey simmers! :D
This is my FIRST model made by myself.
To watch  her  how she was made :)

Thanks to the CC creators who created these pretty CCs for her ! ;)

Everyday ↓↓  Formal ↓↓  Athlete ↓↓  Swimwear ↓↓  Sleepwear ↓↓
( Click picture to ZOOM IN )

♦ Installation guide provided in .zip file :)

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