Thursday, March 28, 2013

★N1 Non-Default Eye Replacement

It's school break this week :D
That means I've made a CC for Sims 3 !! 

This is my first Eye Contact Lenses ;)
Now I know why many creators hate the others copying their creations,
It takes hours or maybe DAYS to make one CC! θ︿θ

Here's the Iris that i drew:

In TSR Workshop:

( I know its kinda dark-coloured )

find it under the Costume Makeup category

NO recolourable channels :(
Sorry !! ><

I hope you will like my first try :D
I will be using this eye lenses for my next Sim :*

Bye and THANKS! ^^

♦ Double-click .sims3pack file to install :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

♥♥ Valentine's Day Pictures ♥♥

Hello Simmers!! :D
I'm back nowadays, cause it's Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day x))
I just made 3 pictures for Valentine's Day.
I didn't create CNY things coz I'm still a CC beginner creator =v="
Here there are:

(P.S. Frames were new meshes.. created by myself!)
(P.S. saw the '♥' sign below the frame?)

Well, I KNOW it's not perfect but I made it for you guys as a Valentine's Day Special Present :')
Please LOVE them and treat them GOOD! xD
I hope that you will use them.. Please Credits my blog if you used them!! 

Okayys.. Baii :D

♦ Double-click .sims3pack file to install :)
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