Welcome to YingHern Creations :)

   YingHern Creations is a place to share our creations for others to download for FREE.
You can post your precious creations here no matter what the sims looks like, from a basic sim to a most elaborated sim with full custom content (CC). Just contact me at the 'Contact' tab if you really want to join us :D 

♦ This site has no sponsors nor is affiliated with sims 3 EA community, this is for anyone who is just a sims fan and addict.

 Keep in mind this Network is an opened site and it could be viewed by children, so no bad language, explicit content or nudity will be tolerated !!

♦ spamming or blogging anything else than SIMS, or advertising another competitor site is NOT allowed. 

Also NO copying other people's work, so I will be policing this.

Thanks for reading and following the rules. If you like our creations, feel free to comment and make us as your favorite Sims 3 CC downloads site :)


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